What If My Child Is Overweight

If your child is overweight you can support him or her in making healthy habits a way of life.  Resist the temptation to put your child on “a diet”. This often sets the foundation for an unhealthy relationship with food and often backfires as children crave the foods they’re told they can’t have. Healthy weight is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle.  As the authors of Feeding the Kids say, “Head for health, not for weight loss,” and “Teach your family to love their bodies by taking good care of them.”

Use the suggestions on this website to help your child eat better, move more and reduce screen time.  Pick one or two new habits at a time and practice them until they become second nature. Once you make a few changes, the rest get easier because your tastes and habits change. You may find that your family comes to prefer healthy food and activity.