What About Sports And 100% Fruit Juices?

Dr. Robb's Shortcuts
Though sports drinks and juices are a bit healthier than sodas, they still have a lot of calories. Here are a couple of guidelines to keep in mind.

Sports drinks are useful for the athlete who is training vigorously. Water is the drink of choice for the first hour of practice or a game. Sports drinks are recommended if you’re exercising over an hour and perspiring.

Some parents give their kids lots of juice thinking they’re making a healthy choice. But as a professor once taught me, “Don’t drink your fruits and vegetables! It’s much better to eat them.” You miss out on a lot of fiber and can drink hundreds of calories without realizing it. Too much juice can ruin a child’s appetite for more nutritious foods. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children between 1-6 years old drink no more than ˝ cup of 100% fruit juice a day. 7-18 year olds should keep juice to a cup or less each day. This is a good guideline for adults too.

You can dilute juice with water so it’s not quite so sweet. Over time you and your kids may come to prefer this less sugar-y drink.
                                                                                                              ~ Dr. Robb