They'll Grow Up Before You Know It

American youth spend on average 45 hours in front of screens (TV, DVDs, computers, electronic games, cell phones) each week compared to 30 hours a week in school and 10 hours a week with their parents. The more screen time a child has the more likely they are to have weight problems. Here are some steps parents can take to help kids live a more balanced life:

  • Limit screen time to no more than 2 hours of non-homework screen time per day.
  • Set reasonable limits for cell phone use and text messaging.
  • Do not put a TV in a child's bedroom.
  • Make meal time, family time - turn off the TV during family meal time. Better yet, remove the TV from the eating area.
  • They’ll grow up before you know it! Spend time doing fun things with your kids while you can.
  • For more ideas on limiting screen time check out

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