Pulaski County

Places to Walk / Bike
Alpine Recreation Area
Location Take US 27 South 7 Miles from Burnside
(16 miles from Somerset)

1. Alpine Loop Trail #520
*Begins/Ends: Alpine Picnic Area
* Hiking Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.00 mile *Trail Surface: Dirt

2.Alpine Spur Trail #520 A
*Begins/Ends: Alpine Picnic Area
*Hiking Difficulty: Easy
*Length: .25 mile * Trail Surface: Dirt

Bee Rock Campground
East on KY 192, go 16 miles to the bridge over Rock-castle River between Somerset and
1. Bee Rock Loop #529
*Hiking difficulty: Moderate
*Length: 2:20 miles * Trail Surface: Dirt

Black Walnut Trail Corps of Engineers
855 Boat Dock Road, Somerset, KY 42501
Phone: 606-679-6337
Not recommended after rain trail can be slick
*Length: .25 mile *Hiking Difficulty: Light walking

Cathy Crocket Memorial Trail
Burnside, KY 42501
2 miles south of Burnside on right side of HWY 27

Little Lick Campground
Take KY 192 east from Somerset 21 miles, turn right (south) on Forest Road 122.
Follow signs on Forest Road 816 B for 8 miles
1. Little Lick Trail #502
*Begins: Little Lick Campground
*Ends: Forest Road #816C
*Hiking Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
*Length: 3:20 miles (one way) *Trail Surface: Dirt

2. Nathan McClure Trail #530
*Begins: Parking lot at FDR #5068
*Ends: Little Lick Campground
*Trail Difficulty: Moderate to difficult
*Length: 14.6 miles *Trail Surface: Dirt

Daniel Boone National Forest
Phone: (606) 679-2010

Natural Arch Scenic Area
Location: Take US 27 south from Somerset 21 miles, turn right (west) on KY 927, and
follow the signs for 2 miles
1. Natural Arch Trail #508
*Hiking difficulty: Easy to moderate
*Length: 6.13 miles *Trail Surface: Dirt

2. Gulf Bottom Trail #509
*Begins: Great Gulf parking lot *Ends: KY 927
*Hiking Difficulty: Easy to moderate
*Length: 1.70 miles *Trail Surface: Dirt

3. Straight Creek Trail #509A
*Begins: Great Gulf parking lot
*Ends: straight Creek Overlook
*Hiking Difficulty: Easy to moderate
*Length: 0.20 miles *Trail Surface: Dirt

4. Gulf Bottom Spur #509B
*Begins: Off Gulf bottom Trail
*Ends: Trail #508
*Hiking Difficulty: Easy to moderate
*Length: 0.80 *Trail Surface: Dirt

5. Natural Arch Loop Trail #510
*Hiking Difficulty: Moderate
*Length: 1 mile *Trail Surface: Dirt

6. Panoramic View Trail #528
*Begins: Great Gulf parking lot *Ends: Overlook
*Hiking Difficulty: Easy to moderate
*Length: 0.55 mile *Trail Surface: Dirt

Rocky Hollow Park
SomerSport Park
Pulaski County Park
Burnside Cole Park
Eubank Park
Downtown Somerset
Science Hill Park
Somerset Community College walking trail

Community Walk/Runs
Colon Cancer Awareness Run/Walk / March
Relay for Life / June

Earth Day Health Walk at Somerset Community College / April
March of Dimes/March
Second Sunday / October
American Heart Association Walk

Sources of healthy affordable Food
Farmer's Market

Farmers Markets
Farmer's Market Downtown Somerset & Somerset Mall locations

U Pick Farms
Owens Greenhouse has a farm site with strawberries, blueberries and pumpkins.
Haney's Apples has u-pick apples.