Pomegranates: The Fruit Kids Can't Resist

Most kids (and adults) love pomegranates.  Cut them open and you'll find a treasure trove of ruby red seeds bursting with sweet and tangy flavor.   French for "apple with many seeds", pomegranates are packed with vitamins and minerals but are most famous for their high antioxidant content. The seeds can be eaten by the handful or sprinkled on salads, yogurt, applesauce and used in a variety of recipes.  Pomegranates are in the produce department of most big grocery stores from October through December.  They cost between 1--$3.00 each but they're so flavorful, a little goes a long way.   One pomegranate serves about 4 people.  For more info about pomegranates click here.

How to cut a pomegranate
    1. Cut the crown off the pomegranate.
    2. Slice it into 4 wedges.
    3.  Immerse the wedges in a bowl of water and
        use a spoon or your hands to loosen the seeds
         into the water.
4. The seeds will sink to the bottom and the white membrane will float to the top. Remove the white pieces with a spoon. Strain to remove water.


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