Louisville Metro

Metro Louisville Community Centers
Many offer recreational clubs, open gym times, and even teen weight training.
The Ohio River Levee Trail and the River Walk are now connected, and the loop is approximately 25% complete. This will allow a bicyclist or pedestrian to travel nearly 25 miles from downtown to Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing along paved multi-use paths.

Community Walk/runs
A complete list of the community walk/runs can be found at

The Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement Hike and Bike

For a complete list of the bike paths in Metro Louisville, visit the web at: http://www.louisvilleky.gov/BikeLouisville/IWantTo/existingbikelanes.htm

Algonquin Park0.25 Miles, Walking
Beargrass Creek Greenway1.33 Miles, Multi-use
Butchertown Greenway0.5 Miles, Multi-use
Camp Taylor Memorial Park0.33 Miles, Walking
Cane Run Road Park0.75 Miles, Walking
Cherokee ParkBaringer Path: 0.6 Miles, Multi-use
Scenic Loop: 2.4 Miles, Multi-use
Willow Pond: 0.375 Miles, Walking
Chickasaw Park1 Mile, Fitness
Carrie Gaulbert Cox Park1 Mile, Walking
Des Pres Park0.5 Miles, Walking
Flaget Field Park0.25 Miles, Walking
Hayes Kennedy Park0.75 Miles, Walking
Highview Park0.33 Miles, Walking
Iroquois ParkNew Cut Path: 1.6 Miles, Multi-use
Rundill Road: 3.5 Miles, Multi-use
Summit Hill: 0.25 Miles, Walking
Toppill Road: 0.5 Miles, Multi-use
Uppill Road: 1.5 Miles, Multi-use
Jefferson Memorial Forest0.25 Miles, Walking
Joe Creason Park3.1 Miles, Multi-use
Klondike Park0.33 Miles, Walking
Ohio River Levee Trail6.5 Miles, Multi-use
Petersburg Park0.35 Miles, Walking
RiverWalk6.9 Miles, Multi-use
Roberson Run Walking Path0.5 Miles, Multi-use
Seneca Park1.2 Miles, Walking
South Central Park0.33 Miles, Walking
Southern Parkway Bridle Path2.6 Miles, Multi-use
Thurman Hutchins Park0.9 Miles, Walking
Tyler Park0.125 Miles, Walking
Upper River Road Path1.125 Miles, Multi-use
Watterson Lake0.25 Miles, Walking
Wyandotte Park0.25 Miles, Walking

Family Health Centers physical activity classes
Jazzercise – Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri at 5pm. $1 per class. Open to ages 14 and up.
Yoga – Wed at 5pm. $1 per class. Open to ages 14 and up. Call 772-8588 for more information or just drop in to any class: 2215 Portland Ave, room. 424.

A complete list of the Metro Parks and Recreational Summer Camps can be found
at http://www.louisvilleky.gov/MetroParks/recreation/summercamps.htm

YMCA also offers a variety of summer camps. http://www.ymcalouisville.org/

Verb Summer Scorecard
The Verb Summer Scorecard is a program aimed at kids ages 9-13 that focuses on
exploring activities that will allow them to be more physically active during the
summer months. http://www.verbsummerscorecard.com/

Mary T. Meagher Aquatic Center

Metro Parks
For an up-to-date list of all recreational activities taking place at the Metro Parks visit http://www.louisvilleky.gov/MetroParks/recreation/

Sources of Healthy Affordable Food
Farmers Markets:
A complete list of the farmer’s markets in our area can be found at

U Pick Farms
Hidden Hollow Orchard http://jkielkopf.web.iglou.com/
Joe Hubers Family Farm http://www.joehubers.com/

Healthy in a Hurry Cornerstores