We Can! Series...a 4-week series for parents of children ages 7-13
Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 pm / Beaumont YMCA / Lexington, KY
YMCA Members: $34 Nonmembers: $50

We could all use a hand helping our kids eat better and move more. Come learn practical tools that really work in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

• Cooking demos for quick snacks and meals that kids will eat!
• A chance to talk to other parents
• A parent handbook
• Creative ideas for getting your family active and loving it

There will be five 4-week series in 2009:
Winter 1: Jan 6- Jan 27
Winter 2: Feb 3- Feb 24
Winter 3- March 3- March 24
Spring 1: April 7- May 28

Contact Erin Jones Beaumont Centre Family YMCA 219-9622 ext. 17

The Lexington Arboretum
is 100 + acres of nature with a 2- mile paved pathway that the whole family can enjoy. You’ll see walkers, runners, bikers, skaters and strollers. There are beautiful gardens, an interactive children’s garden and a lovely wooded area. A “must see” for all Lexington families.

Parks and Recreation offers an amazing array of affordable, fun ways to
be active. For info about Lexington parks, skate park, dog parks, disc golf,
golf courses, pools, trails, horse back riding, natural spaces, boating and
shelter rentals. http://www.lexingtonky.gov/index.aspx?page=253

Bike Lexington eventshttp://www.bikelexington.com/

Disc golf courses in Lexington—(Link to disc golf under Move More)

Recreation trails in Lexington—Wouldn’t it be cool to have your family
visit every one of these over the course of several months or a year? You
could find your favorites to revisit. Copy and put on your refrigerator and
check them off as you visit them.

ParkTrail Information
Addison1/3 mile paved trail off Pine Meadows Drive / Garrison Avenue
Arboretum2 mile paved trail off Alumni Drive
Beaumont Preserve1 mile paved trail off Allegheny Way beside Rosa Parks Elementary School
Belleau Woods1/2 mile paved trail off Forest Green Drive
Brighton Rail Trail1 mile paved trail next to Pleasant Ridge Park
Coldstream Park2 mile paved trail off McGrathiana Parkway (Newtown and I-75)
Constitution3/4 mile asphalt trail off Old Paris Pike / Rookwood Drive
Cross Keys1/4 mile gravel trail off Cross Keys Road
Day Treatment Trail5/8 mile paved trail off Red Mile Place
Dogwood Trace1/2 mile paved trail off Dogwood Trace Blvd
Elizabeth Street1/3 mile sidewalk off Elizabeth Street
Garden Springs1/2 mile paved trail off Garden Springs Dr.
Harrod Hill Park1/2 mile paved trail off Ridgecane Rd.
Hartland Park1/2 mile paved trail off Kenesaw Road
Higbee Mill Park1/2 mile paved trail (corner of Claysmill Rd. and Old Higbee Mill Rd.)
Kirklevington3/4 mile paved trail off Redding Road
Lakeview1/2 mile paved trail off Laketower Drive
Lansdowne-Merrick1 1/2 mile paved trail off Pepperhill Rd. beside Julius Marks Elementary School
Liberty Trail1/2 mile paved trail off Starshoot Parkway
Marry Todd Park1/4 mile paved trail off Rodgers Road
Martin Luther King1/3 mile paved trail off McCullough Dr
Masterson Park4 mile perimeter grass course (front to back of park)
Masterson Station1/2 mile trail off Masterson Station Drive/Ruffian Way
McConnell Springs1/2 mile paved trail at end of Rebmann Lane off Old Frankfort Pike
Meadowbrook1/4 mile paved trail at end of Harvard Lane off of E. Tiverton
Mount Tabor1/3 mile paved trail off Eureka Springs or at end of Elk Creek Drive
Pine Meadows1/5 mile paved trail at end of Tazewell Drive
Raven Run10+ miles trails - paved and unpaved; Freedom Trail designed for visually impaired
Riverhill Park1/2 mile paved trail and sidewalk
Shillito Park2 mile perimeter grass off Reynolds Road, behind Fayette Mall
Southpoint Park1/2 mile off Graves Drive
Squires Road1 1/3 mile paved trail from Summerhill Dr. to Squires Road; access at Berry HillPark
Stonewall Park1/2 mile unpaved trail off Cornwall
Town Branch Trail1 1/2 mile paved trail off Long Branch Lane
Valley Park1/3 mile paved trail off Cambridge Dr
Veterans Park1 mile paved trail off Southpoint Drive
Waverly Park3/4 mile paved trail off Twain Ridge
Wellington Park1 1/4 mile paved trail off Wellington Way
Wellington Trail1 mile paved trail along Keithshire Way/ Reynolds Rd

Lexington Family Magazines Summer Camp Guide has contact info for
every camp in town.http://www.lexingtonfamily.com/summercampguide.htm

The YMCA offers financial assistance to youth who want to join the YMCA but can't afford it. Ask staff at the front desk http://www.ymcaofcentralky.org/branches.asp

Sports Teams
Community Walk/Runs
An up-to-date list of all of the walks/ runs in the region. Ask your kids to pick one they would like to participate in. http://www.johnsrunwalkshop.com/race_calendar.htm

VERB Summer Scorecard
The VERB Summer Scorecard is the “ticket to fun” for 9-13 year olds in Central, KY.
The Scorecard gains them free and reduced priced admission to active places (swimming,
bowling, muscle mania classes). Kids track their activities on a Scorecard or on line and
win great prices. A “must do” for Lexington tweens. www.VERBSummerScorecard.com

Sources of Healthy Affordable Food
ALDI is a discount grocery store that has 14 stores in KY and 1000 stores in 29 states.
Through a select assortment approach, they offer quality items at the lowest possible
prices. Here are some prices (February 2009) from the store in Lexington: fresh
cauliflower—1.49; lemons--.29; canned diced tomatoes--.49; 2 pounds brown rice—2.18.

The Good Foods Market and Café started as a food co-op in the 1970’s. Though some
of their items are pricey, they have some good deals on high quality bulk grains, beans
and spices. www.goodfoods.coop

Farmers Markets
Lexington Farmers Market - www.Lexingtonfarmersmarket.com
Bluegrass Farmers Market-www.bluegrassfarmersmarket.org

U Pick Farms
Every KY family should visit a U Pick farm at least once.