Give the Gift of Physical Activity
Give your loved ones gifts that will increase their enjoyment of physical activity.
These are suitable for both adults and children.  
    * Corn hole (photo to left)
    * Exercise DVDs
    * Hand weights
    * Balance ball
    * Yoga mat
    * Balls of various descriptions
    * Hula hoop
    * Jump rope
    * Flying discs
    * Foam balls and bats
    * Phlat ball
    * Scoop and catch
    * Skip it (ankle bracelet with rope and ball)
    * Fishing rod
    * Indoor putting green
    * Pogo stick
    * Stilts
    * Basketball hoop
    * Skates and helmet
    * Skateboard and helmet
    * Bike and helmet
    * Bowling coupons
    * Certificate for active classes--yoga, dance, golf, etc.
    * Ping pong table
    * Wii Fit

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