Four 15-minute dinners

If you can’t bear the thought of another fast food dinner, try one of these tasty, affordable meals.   Get the kids to pitch in and you just may beat the clock!

Rotisserie chicken (moist and flavorful, these are often on sale later in the day), veggie of choice/can be frozen,  microwaved baked potatoes (scrub, poke, wrap with a paper towel, 4 minutes per medium potato)

Tuna sandwiches on whole wheat, salad, sliced Kentucky apples

Eggs and toast with sliced Kentucky tomatoes—call it Brinner

Black beans and rice—start the rice, heat and spice up some canned black beans.  At the table add grated cheese, salsa and some low fat sour cream  

Once you get in the habit, you can put a good meal together in a flash. For more ideas check out www.wecanky/eatbetter.html

Eat Better #1/Quick Tip

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