Disc Golf

Disc golf is a sport for all ages that uses many of the same rules as regular golf but is played with discs (popularly known as Frisbees).  Players throw a disc from a tee area and try to get their disc in a metal basket.  They count the number of throws they have on each hole for their score.  It's free to play.  The only equipment needed is a disc for each player and a course nearby.

Disc golf is a great family game because you donít need to be a great athlete to play (though some great athletes play disc golf!).  Itís inexpensive and gives families a nice way to spend time together

Here is a link to an interactive map showing disc golf courses in the Lexington area:  

To learn the basics of disc golf  and find disc golf courses in other parts of KY, check out
www.discgolfassoc.com or www.disclife.com.