Cutting Calories The Easy Way

Dr. Robb's Shortcuts
When talking to patients about eating habits, I focus on four areas where I expect to receive the “biggest bang for the buck” (or the most calories saved for the least amount of effort). Everyone’s lifestyle is a little different and occasionally I will see someone whose excess calories don’t fall into one of these categories, but most do.

1) Sugary drinks: Unlike other foods that offer some nutritional content, sugary drinks are unnecessary and only serve to add empty calories to your diet.
2) Fast foods: No surprise here. When families write down how much fast food they eat, it’s pretty eyeopening. For most of us, fast foods become a part of our hectic pace and can be the hardest habit to change.
3) Processed foods: Generally, foods eaten from a package or heated in the microwave tend to be higher in fat than snacks made from the refrigerator.
4) Snacking while watching TV: Most of the time we don’t even realize we’re doing it. and before we know it we’ve put away a bag of chips and dip.

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, pick one that you think you could cut back on a bit. Minimizing these foods and habits doesn’t require you to keep track of any numbers and will eliminate some unnecessary calories from your day.
                                                                                                           ~  Dr. Robb