6 Simple Things Parents Can Do To Reduce Screen Time

Studies have shown that these simple steps make a difference in reducing family screen time and that many families are able to successfully stick with them. Start by observing how much time children spend using all screen media so you have an idea what areas need some supervision.
  1. Donít put a television or a computer in a childís bedroom. Kids who have a TV in their room watch 1 1/2 hours more TV a day.
  2. Eliminate background television. Don't let your child watch TV while doing homework.
  3. Limit television on school days.
  4. Donít put a television in household eating areas. Make meal time family time. Turn off the TV while you eat.
  5. Identify in-home activities that kids enjoy that donít involve a screen. Stock the house with jump ropes, foam balls, books and games.
  6. Don't use TV to reward or punish a child. This makes TV seem even more important.